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Why 'The Porch'?
At the New River Gorge in West Virginia, there was a climber's campground run by a great guy named Roger. Roger had a porch, and every night after climbing everyone would gather on the porch to talk about their days. It didn't really matter how hard they climbed; the only thing that mattered was that everyone had a shared love for climbing and a desire to experience it with others.

The Porch is a tribute to Roger's porch. Until we can replace your desklamps with headlamps and your computer with a campfire, we'll never be able to replace such a special place. But we hope that one day, all climbers - whether climbing 5.14 in Fayetteville or 5.5 in Boston - will be able to experience the same community that defined Roger's porch. So grab a seat and hang out - we're glad you're here.
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